Our in-house team of financial advisors, investment specialists, tax experts, attorneys, and insurance professionals will seamlessly integrate every aspect of your financial life, guiding you toward a prosperous future.

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Many individuals and families feel stressed when they have to coordinate through a pool of advisors and other financial professionals. Many times, these professionals are pulling in different directions and making suboptimal decisions since they don’t have the knowledge of your complete financial picture.

We recognize that the key to a functioning wealth management team is communication. Your wealth management team will not only be in constant communication with you but also with each other.

Together, we can create a comprehensive and actionable wealth plan that is not only tailored to your unique goals and needs but also capable of adapting and evolving alongside your family’s changing circumstances. With our integrated approach, you can have confidence that your financial well-being is in capable hands.

Let’s Get Started

Step 1

Get Acquainted

Your financial advisor will have a conversation with you to get to know you. your financial goals, and your urgent financial needs.

Step 2

Customized Strategy Session

A guided discussion to design a tailored plan that fits your individual needs and dreams.

Step 3

Plan Implementation

A friendly and supportive meeting to assist you in setting up your investment accounts, accompanied by a warm welcome to our financial family.

A Different Kind of Wealth Management

  • 1
    Handpicked Financial Advisor who is focused entirely on serving you, not selling products or finding new clients.
  • 2

    We bring together a unified team of in-house professionals, including investment specialists, tax experts, attorneys, and insurance professionals.

  • 3
    An institutional-grade personalized portfolio that is managed by full-time portfolio managers.
  • 4

    We are a fully independent fiduciary firm, which means we are committed to always working in your best interest.

The Amicus Wealth Path

As part of our commitment to your financial well-being, we have designed an annual meeting schedule to ensure that your wealth plan is regularly reviewed, updated, and aligned with your evolving needs and aspirations.

  • Plan Meeting

In this meeting, we review your unique circumstances and financial goals. Your advisor will delve into various areas, including retirement planning, education savings, and financial statements analysis. An investment specialist will walk you through your investments, confirming that you feel comfortable with your portfolio.

  • Preservation Meeting

Here, we focus on safeguarding your wealth and minimizing risks. Your advisor will review your insurance policies and identify any gaps or areas for improvement. You will also have your taxes prepared by an in-house tax expert who works alongside your advisor to ensure you are taking full advantage of tax savings opportunities.

  • Prosper Meeting

Lastly, we shift our attention towards legacy planning and securing your future. Your attorney will review and update your estate planning documents, ensuring they reflect your current wishes and comply with legal requirements, while your advisor will help provide guidance on wealth transfer strategies, charitable giving, and establishing a lasting legacy.

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